Mother and Daughter’s Vintage Photo for Mother’s Day


“Miss Savannah and Little Amy” 1880's-1890's Vintage Photo of Mother and Child (Unidentified)

1880’s-1890’s Vintage Photo of Mother and Child



She’s wearing a half-smile and a countenance of contentment in this formal portrait from the collection of Hattie Maybell Wallace.  As mentioned in a previous post, I have inherited numerous (over fifty) photos of unidentified persons.  It is possible that the photos are those of  our relatives or Cudn’ Hattie’s husband’s relatives. The original picture is a 3×5 cabinet card.

The durability of the cabinet cards amaze me, in that Cudn’ Hattie did not invest any effort in securing them in any way. The majority of the pictures  were scattered about in an old trunk on her enclosed back porch.  Her dresser “draws” also contained a few pictures among other personal papers as well.

Although the lady and her child may remain unidentified, I would like to call her Miss Savannah. Her daughter, about 8 years old, I shall call  her Little Amy.  The hairdo is so seemingly “modern”.  Amy’s  bare feet? By necessity or by design?

Next Post:  Back to school…Census Images and Vintage Letters will return.  As always, stay tuned!

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