Origin of the Title – “SOLD for 35 cents!”

Origin of the Title – “SOLD for 35 cents!”

My mother, Lucy Dawkins Williams  (1915-1997) shared this story with me about her . her great grandfather who was born into slavery in Alabama or Mississippi.  

My great-granpaw  got sick and stayed real sick for a while and  his ‘ol marster decided to sell him cause he didn’t want him to die on him.   That ‘ol mean cracker sold my great-granpaw for  for 35 cents! Can you believe that?  But guess what?  My great-grandfather  didn’t die.  He lived a long long time after that, he lived into his eighties.  He lived long enough to see freedom.  I sho’ll believe he actually lived LIVED to spite the ” ‘ol marster”!



 That’s all that white man thought a black man’s life was worth, 35 cents?” Things like this is what made me dislike white folks.  I kept on hating them until I was  forty-seven years old.  I finally realized that I was doing more harm to myself than them, so I let it go. Actually it  was a heavy burden that I didn’t want to bear anymore.

  Mama could never be accused of “sugar-coating” ANYTHING.  If it came up, it came out.

( Future posts will  provide a detailed description of Mama.  LUCY MAE WAS “SOMETHING ELSE”!)

My research strongly suggests that this  man,  a son,  a father, and a husband was Mr. Turner Hardy (b. 1842). This blog is also dedicated to his memory.

Though the subsequent posts will include both my paternal and maternal branches sharing their history and artifacts.  Of course census and other historical records will be posted to authenticate their history.   I promise you will be educated,  enlightened and most definitely humored along the way.

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