Rats Need Somewhere to Stay Too!”

Rats Need Somewhere to Stay Too!”
Mama practiced tidiness and good housekeeping and B. did not! B. told Mama one time she’d
discovered a “big ‘ol rat nest, full a’ live baby rats laying up in the middle of her electric frying
pan”. Still in shock, Mama whispered, “Alma…. gull what did you do?” B. looked at her with
that characteristically mischievous look and said laughingly “Do? What I did I do? Chile, I ain’ do
nothin’. I lef’ it right where it whuz. Rats needs somewhere to live too.” You know Mama just
grimaced and shook her head. I believe the rodents were really mice, not rats, not that it
mattered one bit to B. Rats? Mice? Whatever…

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